Heavy Bottoms

Paisley and scarf prints are definitely back!
I felt some kind of deja vu when I saw these patterns online.
Dug up my memory bank and voila, these were actually those familiar twisted teardop prints on my grandmother's dusters! Fashion has indeed its way of resurrecting itself. :D

My pops came over three weeks ago for a meeting and this is what I wore during our quick lunch-out. These photos were taken a week later (yeah, I recycled these pieces for a few minutes just to be photographed). Thanks, Tajen Sui!
Necklace from Mizar Clothing
Iloilo-based online shops are currently growing in number! That means faster transactions and worry-free pick-ups! No shipping fees involved!
Do not be deceived. I am not wearing a maxi skirt. These are palazzo pants!
Limited edition SO! Fab heels by Boop Yap.
So many Yaps in the world, I wonder how we are all related. Hmmm
Slit-back top from bebe.
The only kind of bag I dislike : eyebags. :(

What I wore to the Bloggers United 3 was featured online--twice! Yayyyy

Thanks to Marco of Philippine Street Fashion and StyleBible.PH!

That's all for now loves.
It's time to switch back to hardcore reading mode.
Four exams and three SGD sessions are waiting for me next week. Pray for me, please?

I hope everyone's enjoying the weekend! :D

Much love,


  1. Aww your necklace is really cool ;) xx

    1. Thanks!i got it from Mizar Clothing. Go get your own too. : )

  2. hi! cool blog! new follower here!

    I hope you can check mine too. http://misslitratista.blogspot.com/

  3. Top! :)

    - Em ♥

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Em. See you around Iloilo. :)

  4. Hi, i followed u just now on google. :)

    Great blog btw!

    I hope you will follow back

    love A.




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